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Partners Revisit their Roots at Penn State’s Career Day

Penn States’ annual Career Day at the Stuckeman School.

Students of Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture were given a unique opportunity to interact with professional firms during the Stuckeman School’s 32nd annual Career Day. Partners Paul Salvaggio and Jeff Balch were invited to showcase Arcus’s unique and extensive portfolio to students and other professionals across the Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Graphic Design Professions. Arcus Design Group was one of 60+ firms and agencies showcasing their work to students of the Stuckeman School.

Arcus Design Group partners Paul Salvaggio and Jeff Balch

The two partners spoke with students of all extents of Architecture Program, from 1st-year through Thesis-year. The students shared aspects of their academic experience and their skillsets, along with their ambitions and curiosity about the profession. Jeff and Paul also noted how advanced and conducive the studios have become to provide a fantastic environment for their studies and prepare them for practicing Architecture. The event was also a chance for professionals to learn about methodologies used in architecture education today, and how students will use them to influence design in the future.

All of Arcus Design Group’s partners hold architecture degrees from Penn State, whose design programs are consistently ranked among the top in the country.

Penn States’s annual Career Day at the Stuckeman School.

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